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ORANJESTAD - The Aruba Police Force is currently recruiting candidates who want to become police officers.

Chief of Police Andrew Hoo has approved a new class on 6 February 2020. Registration for the MBO Level 4 education is open. Applicants should submit their application form in person at the E.J. Watty Vos Police Academy starting February 6, 2020, up to March 6, 2020, between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The Police Academy is located at the Fortheuvelstraat 25 in San Nicolas. Application forms cannot be submitted at police stations.

Ad Registration/ application to become a police officer is open (MBO level 4).Admission requirements: 

  • Dutch nationality;
  • Censo Registered resident;
  • Minimum 17 years and Maximum 34 aña.
  • Barefoot height of minimum 1.60 meter
  • Minimum “EPB doorstroom”
  • MAVO diploma

Required documents:

  • Recent pass-photo
  • Copy of diploma (MAVO and EPB doorstroom) and grading list
  • Copy of valid I.D. like Passport or Identification Card
  • Extract from the Civil Registry of Aruba/ Censo of Awg. 5,00;
  • Copy of valid AZV card;

Police officersSelection Procedures

  • IQ test;
  • Dutch language test;
  • Sport test:    A. 50m sprint,
                        B. Strength test -*planking - *leg raises -*back extension,
                        C. Obstacle Course),
                        D. Endurance Test,
                        E. Swim Test,
  • Aptitude test;
  • Psychological test;
  • General health test
  • Selection Interview.

Police academyOnly when you successfully pass all of the above-mentioned procedures, you enroll in the new Class N4-2020.

You can download the form here. It is also available at any police station. For more information please call the E.J. Watty Vos Police Academy at 527-3081 anytime between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm or send inquiries to

See instructions (in Papiamneto) on how to fill the application form on:

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