Short explanation 5 Innovation Projects for 2020

ORANJESTAD – Recently FUTURA announced the 2020 Innovation Agenda in connection with the year of Innovation and Education and these have been shared by the Prime Minister. 

Ad Five innovation projects The 5 Innovation Projects for 2020 are:

1. eGovernment

eGovernment started in 2018 in combination with the eGovernment Academy of Estonia, and the eGovernment Road Map is almost completed. Once the consultation phase with the stakeholders is completed, they will be shared with the public.

The eGovernment project is already in its second phase of execution and the Government hopes that this year, more data exchange will take place among government departments which will result in safe, easy and instant data sharing and online services. The main goal for eGovernment is to provide proper service facilitating the public and improving their quality of life.

2. 100 Innovations

The next priority is the project “100 Innovations”. This project is a competition among the residents of Aruba. The objective is to have the majority of the community involved by sharing ideas in order to select 100 innovative ideas by the end of 2020, and that is useful to help with the current challenges Aruba is currently facing.

3. B-Lab Santa Cruz

This is a one of a kind lab in Aruba focusing on Bio-Tech and agriculture. New Science and technologies will be applied and tested in order to find new solutions in the field of Bio-Tech and agriculture. This is another project in collaboration with the Metabolic Foundation with the objective to use technology to achieve “homegrown solutions” for agriculture. This should also minimize the dependency on the import of the majority of produce, replacing these with home-grown produce.

4. Future of Work Vocational Training

Chief Innovation Officer Varelie Croes and the FUTURA-teamThe idea is to create employment in cybersecurity. With the increasing risk in data protection, the need for cybersecurity has become inevitable and the focus is to create job opportunities in IT and Cybersecurity. The development of new vocational programs for the new generation is the 4th priority for the 2020 innovation year.

5. eLearning 2.0

The second eLearning Pilot program will be Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel in Paradera. This program offers students and teachers a more personal and advanced experience. This includes technology and new ways of learning and teaching. The objective is to create a digital environment with interactive classes, stimulating collaboration

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