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ORANJESTAD - On January 18, 2020, the Foundation Catholic Education Stichting (Katholieke Onderwijs Aruba -SKOA) organized their SKOA EXPO 2020 in connection with the start of the year of Innovation and Education.

SKOA EXPO 2020SKOA EXPO 2020This event provided the opportunity to get to know the 46 SKOA schools, from elementary schools to high schools.This event also provided the opportunity to parents to apply for the 2020-2021 school year, for both elementary as primary school.

Participating SKOA partners at the event:

They lectured about the support provided to the students and parents on the different aspects of education and learning.

The parents of the elementary school’s pupils had the chance to meet with schools close in the neighborhood. Students getting ready for the next steps also had the opportunity to visit and talk to the schools present.

The Prime Minister of Aruba also attended the Expo and was very impressed with the advances made in the schools in Aruba but specifically in the area of innovation. It took the Prime Minister almost 4 hours to visit all of the 46 booths while being briefed about each school’s ideas and project for education. The Prime Minister is grateful to the SKOA and teachers for their love and dedication for the students.

SKOA EXPO 2020    SKOA EXPO 2020    SKOA EXPO 2020

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