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ORANJESTAD – On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, the soft launch of the revamped website of the government of Aruba will take place.

The refurbished website features a complete redesign and a very contemporary look and feel. The navigation is more user-friendly, allowing an optimal user’s experience and government jargon is avoided as much as possible. 

Work is still being done on the latest details on the website and content; we ask your understanding for this. This is because a large amount of information has been transferred to the new structure. Just to be able to provide you with the best and most complete service possible. Although it is unlikely, you may find something unexpected after the refurbished website is live and functional. 

The purpose of the government website of Aruba is to provide information regarding the products and services of the Government to the Aruban citizen, as its primary target group and as its secondary target group all other interested parties.

The website maintains its thematic layout: the navigational structure is in fact based on themes that citizens can relate to.

In addition to general information (presented thematically), citizens are mainly interested in the concrete product information on the website. The government wants to primarily inform citizens about, for example, the product "Passport": what is it, how do I get one and what does it cost.

The wishes and demands of the user are the starting point. If the information is not available, then one can ask questions via an online feedback form and/ or ask for more information.

The website offers a clear overview of the products and services that the government provides so that the site visitor quickly finds what he/she is looking for. It should be noted that the digital counter is not complete as yet. The objective is for the digital counter, to be as complete as soon as practicable.

Currently, the website is bilingual, namely Papiamento and Dutch. The English site is not (yet) fully completed and contains mostly information on Doing Business and Work. The goal is to provide the English website also fully with information.

The staff of the Department of Information and Automation (DIA), the Government Information Services (BUVO) and SIM Caribbean worked with dedication and enthusiasm on the realization of the refurbished website.

We hope you enjoy our revamped website and come back often to visit.

We work together on an informative, accessible and user-friendly Government Portal for Aruba.
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