The Coronavirus; Our tourism at risk

ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Tourism, Public Health and Sports, Dangui Oduber expressed his concerns regarding the impact the Coronavirus can have on our economy that is highly dependent on tourism.

The Coronavirus was discovered near the end of 2019 in the Chinese province of Wuhan and has spread across the world. Aruba has not encountered any cases of coronavirus yet.

Stop the spread - Fight against the transmission of the CoronavirusThe situation across the globe and specifically in countries as if China, Japan, and Italy have caused a ripple effect in the world economy and soon Aruba will also feel the impact of this ripple. The Covid-19 virus has sternly affected the global economy. The rapid spreading of the Covid-19 virus has caused tension since Aruba’s economy mainly depends on tourism.

The Government’s primary concern is the health of its citizens and has been undergoing preparations for the past weeks to be able to address this virus.

The Government is obviously addressing this situation according to the protocols and advice from experts and professionals knowledgeable in handling outbreaks.

The Coronavirus has set foot all over the United States including in our main tourism market New York. Global trends are indicating a slowdown in traveling and the airline industry has already predicted a major loss of 130 billion dollars. The Coronavirus has also caused turmoil in cruise tourism, explicitly with the recent “travel warning” imposed by the US Government, warning US citizens to avoid cruise ships. This will certainly have a negative impact on our cruise tourism.

This situation is closely being monitored and the government, Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), and Aruba Ports Authority (APA have a contingency plan in place to limit the effects of what seems inevitable.

Aruba has been through rough seas in the past that scarred the tourism sector and local economy. 

September 11, the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the financial crisis in 2008 contributed to arduous moments.

It is difficult to anticipate all the consequences of the Coronavirus, but Aruba will feel its ramification. The Covid-19 will negatively affect our tourism, our economy, the Government’s revenue, and GDP.

Everyone hopes it does not affect Aruba as ruthless as it has been doing to other countries.

Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have an economic recovery plan that will be activated in due time.

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