The Department of Public Health of Aruba: Coronavirus, who is really at risk

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ORANJESTAD - The coronavirus has reached every continent except for Antarctica and is not affecting everyone equally.

The Chinese Department for the Disease Control and Prevention has recently conducted a research that shows that the elderly are the ones affected severely by the Coronavirus. The research also showed that about 80% of infected patients only have moderate to light symptoms.

The research was done by collecting data from 44.000 patients confirmed with the coronavirus up to February 11 2020. It gives a clear indication of the Covid-19’s behavior in humans. 

The data suggests that the chances of fatality increases with the age of the patients. This graphic indicates the COVID-19 mortality rate per age group.

The COVID-19 mortality rate per age group

The research does not show any fatalities among children younger than 10 years of age, who represent less than 1% of patients. Patients between ages 10-19 have the same mortality rate as the group of 20-39 years old. The mortality rate in the group above the age of 50 years is almost triple compared to the percentage of patients of 40 years old. The risks of fatality increases considerably in patients between the ages 70 and 80 years, and is possibly due to the already existing health issues.

According to the research, patients with heart disease have a fatality chance of 10% and  diabetics 7%. Over 3/4 of Chinese patients do not have preexisting health conditions and the mortality percentage for this group is less than 1%.

The next graph shows a comparison with other outbreaks:

Coronavirus a comparison with other outbreaks

The statistics of fatalities can change as the coronavirus spreads around the globe. Scientist are aware that these numbers can change; “In the event it appears that there are more cases that have not been reported since the patients were asymptomatic or only had light symptoms and did not seek medical assistance, the mortality rate percentages will drop”

As per March 2,  2020, the COVID-19 virus has caused 3,084 fatalities while 45.581 patients have completely recovered. So far the total amount of confirmed cases is 84.241 infected persons.  The epicenter of the virus is in the most densely populated area of Wuhan in central China and has so far spread to 47 countries. About 95% of confirmed cases are in China.

The only effective method to limit the spreading of this virus is to take precautionary actions like proper and frequent washing of hands with antibacterial soap or the use of hand sanitizers containing over 60% alcohol.

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