The DNM wants the community to monitor and protect the native burrowing owl

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ORANJESTAD – The 6th of September 2019, marks the fact that 1 year ago the Directorate for Nature and Environment solicited the cooperation of the public for the registration of our native owls.

Nest burrowing owlThe public responded well and helped register about 60 owls, providing the DNM more accurate information on their locations to help protect them.

Most of the nests have been tagged and are being sporadically monitored. In the past year, nests have been found containing new hatchlings

Nests that were located in unsafe locations have been addressed by the DNM. The DNM has on numerous occasions advised the neighboring residents, that were willing to help on their land, to put piles of sand for the owls to have nesting options.

Burrowing owlThe DNM is aware that most people want to bulldoze and clean their terrain for the construction of their new house but urges them to consider the owls and the nests as stated in the law. The destruction of the owl nests is against the law and will be punished when caught doing this.

The DNM together with local instances have put up signs at some locations to warn visitors of the presence of owls and or nests and to handle with care in the marked areas. They also urge everybody in the construction areas to check any pile of sand for signs of nests before just shoveling sand, so nests are not destroyed. The DNM has a strong stance for the protection of the owls but can only do so if the community helps.

Registration of newly spotted nests and owl sighting can still be done by calling the DNM at 584-1199. Please ask to speak to Yesenia (Yessy) Farro Arends or Yahaira Jansen Geerman. Reporting can also be done on

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