The Guardianship Council is closed to the public

ORANJESTAD - The Guardianship Council is closed from March 16 until March 31, 2020, due to the ongoing crisis with the Coronavirus.  

A third contingency phase has been activated to address this situation and this includes:

  • No public will be attended during the closing days
  • Depending on the situation after March 31, an announcement will be made with updates
  • Cashier services are closed from March 16 to March 20, 2020. An evaluation will be made after this period to see if they will open a few days for payments of alimony.
  • Those who have to pay alimony are urged to pay this online on Aruba Bank 221501.0 or RBC Bank 31.47.878 indicating the alimony reference number in the description.
  • Please call 582-1262 if you have any questions, concerns or need information, or send an email to and your email will be replied as soon as possible.
  • The police will notify the Guardianship Council in case of acute danger or distress to minors

The Guardianship Council will monitor the ongoing situation and make changes if deemed necessary.

The Guardianship Council is apologizing for the inconvenience caused by this situation but reminds everyone that the responsibility lies in our hands as individuals and only together Aruba can overcome this situation, and avoid the further spreading of the Coronavirus. Please adhere to the guidelines set by the Government officials and the Department of Public Health.

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