The Netherlands helps Aruba with 10,9 million florins to cope with Venezuelan crisis.

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 09-10-2019.

ORANJESTAD - Aruba and The Netherlands have reached an agreement on September 6, 2019, for financial support from the Netherlands to assist with the Venezuelan crisis affecting the island of Aruba.

The Netherlands will provide 10,9 million florins to the Government of Aruba, to be used explicitly in the fight against the effects of the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. 

This announcement was made simultaneously by the Prime Minister of Aruba and the Dutch authorities.

In May, the Netherlands announced it would help Aruba and Curacao with 23,8 million Euros, which is approximately 55 million florins. A certain percentage of the allocated financial support will be used by the Netherlands for assistance, while the remaining funds will be used by Aruba and Curacao, under the condition that the islands should have well-defined plans and projects in place to deal with the problem.

The 10,9 million florins will go into the fortification of the island, in making the island secure so the crisis can be dealt with accordingly. It will help Aruba with its border protection, giving the government leeway to handle its internal affairs.

Border protection will become more strict both on the island as in the surrounding waters, to make sure no illegal substances, weapons, and persons enter the island. Human trafficking has become a serious issue in the region. This issue will be addressed by reinforcing the Coast Guard with more equipment and personnel.

A part of the funds will also be used towards the expansion of the current detention facility for illegal immigrants, awaiting their deportation. This is highly necessary since the amount of illegal immigrants has increased enormously.

A portion of the funds will also go towards the temporary education for the children of Venezuelan nationalities that cannot integrate into the current education system. This will guarantee that these children will receive temporary education while they are in Aruba, avoiding them feeling trapped in the community while avoiding more social issues for the island.

It is important to state that the funds cannot be used to create housing or cover expenses related to asylum seekers. It can neither be used to cover the government’s operational costs.

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