Training week for Healthy School Aruba

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ORANJESTAD - Healthy School Aruba organized during November 2019 25-29 a week full of training in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health.

Slowly but surely more prep schools and primary schools are getting intrigued to become a Healthy School. Becoming a healthy school includes receiving proper guidance from a Healthy School Advisor. Now there are four Healthy School Advisors on Aruba that received adequate training in the Netherlands in 2016. Based on the growing interest of schools to become Healthy Schools, the amount of Healthy School Advisors is not sufficient. That is the primary reason for the Health School Aruba to hire two advisors from the Netherlands, namely Mrs. Monique Boonekamp and Mrs. Muriel Weltens. They will be training more people in becoming Health School Advisor. Based on the circumstances, the opportunity is there to include training for Healthy School Coordinator. The Healthy School Coordinator is a member of the Health Team of the school that is in charge of turning the school into a healthy school.

The event started on Monday, November 25, with a presentation for the ministers, directors, and representatives of the stakeholders involved with the Healthy School. The Minister of Education, Science and Sustainable Development Armando Lampe and Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Glenbert Croes attended the presentations, together with the director and representatives of the Department of Public Health of Aruba, The Department of Education, The Department of Social Affairs, The Pedagogic Institution of Aruba IPA and the IBISA. The 3 school boards of SKOA, SPCOA and DPS and delegation from the Directorate of Education Inspection were among the attendees.

Participants Healthy School on November 25, 2019

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