Watty Vos Boulevard opens on November 5, 2019

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ORANJESTAD – The Department of Public Works and the Police Department are informing the community that the Watty Vos Blvd will officially open on November 5, 2019.

Watty Vos BoulevardWatty Vos Boulevard consists of:

  • 25 km new and renovated roads and 13 roundabouts;
  • 25 km of pedestrians and bicycle lanes;
  • 7 km double lane roads, 7 new roundabouts, 2 overpass roads from the roundabout between Sabana Blanco and Punta Brabo, build according to international building standards and certified:

Watty Vos Boulevard includes 13 roundabouts, namely single-lane roundabouts, double lane roundabouts, turbo roundabouts and a paperclip roundabout.

To guarantee a smooth and safe traffic flow on the Watty Vos Blvd and connecting roads the DOW and KPA urge drivers to pay attention to the following:

  • Maximum speed is 80 kph;
  • Reduce speed to 80 kph - 60 kph and 40 kph, upon approaching the roundabouts as indicated by the traffic signs
  • Pay attention to the priority signs, pedestrian crossing, and bicycle lane;
  • Anticipate where you want to go and change lanes in time to your desired destination;
  • Unlike regular intersections where priority is given to traffic coming from the right, at the roundabouts traffic coming from the left has priority;
  • 40 kmph is the maximum allowed speed on the roundabouts;
  • For a smooth flow, please use signal lights accordingly so drivers entering the roundabout and drivers behind you know what your intentions are.

DOW and KPA urge drivers of Watty Vos Boulevard to abide the traffic laws at all times so everybody can reach their destination safely.

Roundabout Watty Vos Boulevard           Roundabout Watty Vos Boulevard           Roundabout Watty Vos Boulevard


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