What is “Cuco di indjan” (Agave Arubensis)

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ORANJESTAD – The Department of Nature and Environment DNM, informs on the plant “Cuco di indjan”, which  ranks as number one on the National Decree Protection of the Aruban native Flora and Fauna.

Ad Cuco di Indjan - Agave ArubensisThe Agave Arubensis is only available in one location; just south of the Fontein area close to Drumidera. This plant only grows in Aruba. The existence of this type of endemic Agave, is threatened by the continuous construction of homes and commercial sales of plants for landscaping. It is an endemic plant that grows in the shape of a rosette. It has succulent leaves, spiky ends and produces yellow flowers.

The national decree (AB 2017 no. 48) has been enforced in 2017 and provides the necessary protection for 69 specific animals and 55 plants. This is an extension of the Nature Protection Ordinance of 1995. After an extended review by a commission, the new species were added to the existing list that was already protected by the CITES treaty and SPAW protocol, globally established protocols. 

Ad Cuco di Indjan - Agave ArubensisArticle 1 of the decree illustrates the species in detail with scientific names and in some cases local names. Article 1 also includes species that are threatened with worldwide extinction, that are still present in Aruba or have been present for a while.

Article 5 and 6 of the Nature Protection Ordinance specifies the plants and animals that are prohibited to export. It is prohibited to trim, cut or damage protected trees. Additionally, article 19 specifies the sanctions (sanction provision) from jail sentences of a maximum of 2 years as well as fines of up to 100.000,00 florin.


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Photo by Mrs. Olinda Rasmijn of Stimaruba (AUA) and Mr. John A. de Freitas (CUR)

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