Writer Evelien van Dort presented her newest book “Ga je mee op reis?”

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ORANJESTAD - Children’s book writer, Evelien van Dort, presented the youth library 2 copies of her latest book, as part of the Children’s Book Festival celebration.

Book “Let’s go on a journey!”This year the Library is inviting all children to “Lets read, travel and enjoy” by reading books and search for information about the means of transport like an airplane, bus, bicycle, ship, horse and donkey, cars and many more. Mrs. Evelin van Dort’s latest book is “Ga je mee op reis?”, and this has been translated into English as “Let’s go on a journey!”. This children’s book is aged 4 to 7 years and consists of 10 short stories and has been illustrated by Martine van Nieuwhuyzen.

10 short stories of children on adventures around the world, each of them in a different and new experience. These stories will certainly inspire children to enjoy traveling or any adventure but also to read more.

Director National Library Aruba Astrid Britten and writer Evelien van Dort during the presentation of her latest book “Let’s go on a journey!”.Mrs. Evelien van Dort started writing when she was a child and never stopped and still has more ideas to create in the future. She is an often seen face at the Children Book Week in Holland and has visited Aruba often. She enjoys the interaction with children and telling stories. Besides writing, she also enjoys singing and playing guitar and traveling. That is why she fell in love with the theme of this year’s Book Festival. Other themes she likes is friendship, nature, and animals. Mrs van Dort handed 2 copies of her book to Library Director Mrs. Astrid Britten.

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