Aruba Sports Union (ASU)

ASU stands for ‘Aruba Sport Union’ and is founded on the 23 of December 1941. ASU is the mother association for 25 Aruban sport-associations. To become a member organization of the ASU, the concerning organization must be a corporation and there may be no other existing ASU member who represents this branch of sports in the ASU.
ASU manages and owns two sports facilities, the ‘Joe Laveist Sport Park’ in San Nicolas and the ‘Centro Deportivo Betico Croes’ in Santa Cruz.
The ‘Joe Laveist Sport Park’ is a multifunctional park; it offers the possibilities to practice the following sports such as baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and athletics. The park is also used for concerts. The park (or a section of the park) can be rented for the activities mentioned above. To rent the park one can contact the ASU office.
The ‘Centro Deportivo Betico Croes’ is a fully air-conditioned facility and can be used for all indoors sports including martial arts. The rental of this sports hall depends on the number of managers needed for the activity planned. 
For more information on the ‘Centro Deportivo Betico Croes’ feel free to contact the ASU office. 

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