Aruba Waste Removal Services (Serlimar)

SERLIMAR is an Aruban company that guarantees a clean and healthy environment for the community in a responsible, service-oriented and efficient manner by implementing activities in the field of waste prevention, – collection, - processing and green management.

The policy of the Aruban Government lends itself to an inhabitable island directed toward a sustainable development where the welfare of the citizen is central. An inhabitable island consists of: a clean environment, undisturbed nature, clean beaches and coves, clean streets and public parks, where people can walk around without health risks, work, recreate and rest. The main points in the pursuit of sustainable development are closing cycles, stimulating integral chain management, using clean technologies and environmentally conscious consumption. This takes others into account so that no adverse effects are passed on to other people, other countries, or future generations.

  • Some of Serlimar's tasks are:
  • (Co) recommend the execution of the policy regarding environmental health and particularly in regards to solid waste, chemical waste, car wrecks, asbestos and other waste substances that threaten or can threaten the environment;
  • Disposal (collection, handling, transport, treatment and processing) of the solid waste and chemical waste from the island and from its community such as:
  1. maintaining gardens of public buildings and cemeteries, at the request of schools, departments and organizations;
  2. management of public recreational attractions such as rock formations for instance the well known Ayo and Casibari rock formations, and public beaches;
  3. monitoring and management of personnel and equipment as well as all facilities intended to achieve the objectives;
  4. the periodical introduction of new services such as emptying cesspools-and sewer.
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