Bureau of Women's Affairs (CEDEHM)

Centro di pa Desaroyo Hende Muher CEDEHM (Bureau of Women's Affairs) was established by t Ministerial Decree of August 27, 2010. It is a separate department that falls under the Ministry of Education and Family Affairs.


CEDEHM aims to establish itself from the disadvantaged position of women in the community and act on the relevant (policy) areas in an inquisitive, initiative, agenda-setting manner.

The bureau serves as a primary contact for national and international organizations and as the voice of especially the Aruban woman.

Starting point 

The emancipation of women, gender equality and gender mainstreaming as some of the main pillars for a sustainable development of society.


The bureau’s role is to give advice to the Aruban government on all major issues affecting the status of women in society

The bureau gives advice on such request to one or more ministers.

The bureau may also on its own initiative give advice the Government on the aforementioned issues, related fields or matters concerning them indirectly.

CEDEHM endorses the general emancipation thoughts that can be described as the promotion of equal rights, equal opportunities, freedoms and (social) responsibilities in the Aruban society for men and women including:

  • To attain equal rights, equal opportunities and freedoms for all irrespective of gender;
  • To create the right economic, cultural and social conditions in which everyone has the opportunity to be/ to become economically independent;
  • To improve the position of women in the public and private domain.
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