Bureau Sostenemi (BSO)

Bureau Sostenemi is a central advisory, reporting and coordination point on the subject of child abuse. In collaboration with existing institutions and organizations working in the field of combating child abuse, it administers the most effective approach possible to fight child abuse by improving the quality of provision of education and care. Sostenemi has therefore defined a number of key tasks:

  • Assistance;
  • Advice and education;
  • Raising awareness of the population with respect to child abuse:
  • Prevention;
  • Policy advice.

 For the benefit of the minor in Aruba, the task of Bureau Sostenemi's is to stimulate and support the community where there are suspicions or reports of child abuse. This is based on the view that the identification and treatment of child abuse, neglect and abuse is a shared responsibility within our society. This means that anyone (professional worker, family member, neighbor, friend or bystander) who is confronted with signs of abuse of a minor can call for advice and therefore, within its capabilities and in the interest of the minor, can take action.

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