Central Audit Department (CAD)

Vision / Mission

We are competent and honest professionals who serve objectively and impartially in the public interest by providing assurance. We carry out this mission with care and expertise in serving the government and the community.

The core values that drive us are:

  • Integrity - We are honest and sincere.
  • As a team - We work together to achieve both common and individual goals.
  • Passion - We strive to outdo ourselves.
  • Pro-activity - We are proactive and solution-oriented


Profesionalnan integro y imparcial
Honest and impartial professionals

The Central Audit Department (CAD) is the internal audit department of the country Aruba. The CAD is part of the Ministry of Finance, Communications, Utilities and Energy.

The CAD controls the financial statement of the Country and provides them with an audit report. The financial statement of the Country is an important document because herewith the government renders accountability to the Parliament on its financial management. In addition to the control of the ministries, CAD is responsible for the audit of government-owned companies and of certain legal entities affiliated to the Country.

To make an auditor‘s report CAD examines the financial administration carried out by the government. CAD as internal audit has extensive knowledge of the organization and the business processes of the ministries, departments and directorates. Therefore, the CAD advises on the management of risks in the areas of:

  • Reliability of financial and operational information.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.
  • Safeguard of assets.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations and contracts.

The investigations of CAD are normally executed on its own initiative. The research objects are selected based on risk assessment and financial interest. In addition, investigations are carried out at the request of Ministers and the management of departments.
Of each investigation CAD submits a report to the responsible ministers. The management of the departments involved and the General Auditor’s Chamber will also receive a copy of the report.

We work together on an informative, accessible and user-friendly Government Portal for Aruba.
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