Centro pa Desaroyo di Aruba (CEDE Aruba)


The vision of CEDE Aruba is as follows:

CEDE Aruba is a permanent autonomous Fund, aimed at strengthening the civil community within a balanced society. It acts as a durable bridge between the Private Initiative, a strong, proactive, and coordinated NGO community, on the one hand, and the providers of local and international resources, on the other. It is the largest and most important Aruban Fund, which recognizes the needs of society in a professional manner and comes up with solutions in a creative way. CEDE Aruba is known as a reliable organization, to which everyone can freely apply for advice and assistance in the field of social and educational sustainable development.


Bringing people and resources together for sustainable development.

As an organization, it combines and uses those energies and resources that are deemed necessary for the social and educational development of the Aruban community and the strengthening of the Private Initiative in the fight against socioeconomic and social problems.

Efforts are made to continue promoting the resilience and self-confidence of the Aruban citizen in general and of the weakest members of society in particular.

Sustainable development is a type of development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to meet their needs as well. The term has become a household name after the United Nations (UN) Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. On that occasion, the Member States agreed to strive for sustainable development.


  • The provisions of funds, both (1) directly by CEDE Aruba itself and (2) indirectly by acting as an intermediary for other funds, notably the Association of Funds Caribbean part of the Kingdom.
  • The provision of support and guidance to local organizations concerning (1) the submission of projects; (2) the development, guidance, and evaluation of projects; (3) the exploration of financing possibilities for new initiatives; (4) the enhancement of the effectiveness of one’s own organization
  • The promotion of cooperation at all levels; micro, meso, and macro level.
  • The identification of gaps in the welfare sector of Aruba and acting as a catalyst in initiating and supporting new developments and programs in society, always in consultation with the relevant NGO sectors. The assessment of the level of support for new initiatives and the promotion of the implementation thereof by the NGO field itself are complementary to this.
  • Acting as a consultation partner vis-à-vis the Aruban and Dutch authorities, as well as vis-à-vis donor agencies at home and abroad
  • The promotion of research in the social, educational, and recreational field.

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