Crisis Management Office (BRB)

The following is an overview of the mission, the vision, purpose and tasks of the Crisis Management Office

  • The Office’s mission is to develop an optimal policy in the field of crisis management and emergency response organization;
  • Also to ensure the general safety of the life and health of the population, the environment and the economy of Aruba;
  • The vision of the Office is that in the near future the crisis management and emergency response organization is so advanced, that there exists an optimal cooperation between the various departments and organizations, and that the exchange of relevant information runs smoothly between them;
  • The Office's aim is to improve the quality of emergency response on Aruba by means of the appointed legislative tasks in order to achieve an able-bodied, self-conscious and safer society, in which everyone takes responsibility.


  • Assist the Minister of General Affairs in the execution of the tasks assigned to him according to the Calamity ordinance;
  • Advising the Government in general and the Minister of General Affairs in particular, whether or not in consultation with other agencies on crisis management and crisis response;
  • Preparing, developing and implementing the policy on crisis management and emergency response. Provide a crisis plan, a contingency plan and prepare plans for containment and control;
  • Preparing operational and logistics plans also preparing measures aimed at preventing crises and disaster and letting the competent authorities take said measures;
  • Prepare and implement training and exercises and ensure evaluations of these exercises and trainings;
  • Preparation and maintenance of infrastructural facilities for the purpose of crisis management and for the use of the emergency response staff, such as equipment, gear, safety accommodation, communication equipment/devices;
  • In charge of communication during crises and disasters and also in charge of evaluations after the occurrence of disasters and crises;
  • Testing of newly developed plans for containment and control in crisis and disaster situations and making the necessary adjustments in relation to the relevant decisions, regulations and ordinances.
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