Department for Infrastructure Management and Planning (DIP)


The department for Infrastructure Management and Planning (DIP) is a dynamic team-and customer oriented professional organization. It is a policy initiator and in charge of implementing and controlling established policies. Additionally, a core task of the DIP is the management of conflicting interests and the achieving of a broad base social support.


To address the demand for land (water) through integrated spatial development and planning, in order to ensure a sustainable and livable environment for present and future generations.


  • The development and implementation of spatial plans that facilitate an integral and systematic development of Aruba;
  • Adequately assisting citizens, who as yet have no plot of land however, have petitioned for a plot, to achieve their housing-construction goal in a manner that is transparent and easy to understand;
  • Efficiently create new plots for housing-construction to suit the customers’ demand and ensuring a balanced ' occupation ' of Aruba. To serve the housing possibilities on a short term leading to a planned high quality living environment;
  • Ensure the optimal use of the existing infrastructure in the already developed areas. With the aim to contribute to solving the housing issue and improving the quality of life;
  • To execute an adequate and efficient administrative management of the already issued plots of land and waters;
  • Through the up-keep of or enforcing of regulatory compliance guarantee the legal assurance and protection of citizens, institutions and companies. Therefore guaranteeing the quality of the environment;
  • To effectively contribute to the economic, social and corporate social development of Aruba by zones;
  • To create and complete them with economic, corporate social and social functions;
  • The proactive search for alternatives and solutions for clients, stakeholders and the Minister in charge.

Open hours:

Monday through Friday from 7:45 am to 11:45 am and from 1:15 pm to 4:15 pm.

DIP Sabana Blanco


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