Department for Technical Inspections (DTI)

Building Department of Technical InspectionsThe purpose of the Department for Technical Inspections is to promote the safety in the broadest sense of the word (of labor, tools, appliances, plants, and motor vehicles). Also the optimizing of the working conditions for the employees in companies and the investigations of unsafe situations and accidents, protecting the citizens against the use of incorrect sizes, weights and weighing and measuring tools, protecting workers, citizens and environment against the unsafe use of steam boilers and pressure vessels and protecting the citizens against unsafe construction of electrical equipment and gas installations. In addition the department is closely and actively involved in the environmental policy of the Aruba.

The Department for Technical Inspections has established among other things the following tasks as its objective:

  • DTI is responsible for monitoring the Electron concession
  • DTI is responsible for electrical inspections
  • DTI provides calibration services for weighing/measuring apparatus and steam using/producing apparatus
  • Safety inspections
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Technical measurements
  • DTI is concerned with chemical and radioactive substances
  • General Affairs
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