Department of Finance (DF)

Department of Finance is responsible for advising on financial-economic field and with the monitoring of the public finances on behalf of the Minister of Finance, Communication, Utilities and Energy. The Department of Finance has the task of managing the policy cycle, the budgetary cycle, the power cycle, the information and the control.

The Department of Finance is responsible for among other things:

  • Advising on the preparation and implementation of the financial-economic policy taking into account good governance;
  • Drawing up, monitoring and advising on the establishment and implementation of the budgets of the country;
  • To support and deliver a substantial contribution to the Ministers and departments concerning the annual recurring process of the policy and budgetary cycle;
  • Managing the cash flow on behalf of the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and monitoring the spending thereof;
  • The central financial administration of the country Aruba;Managing the administrative/financial information, both on a national and international level;
  • Monitoring the compliance with the Accounting rules.

The relevant (accountable) changes in laws and regulations that regulate the powers and responsibilities described in the Constitution include article v.12 (budget and annual accounts) and Constitution article V. 13 (sound financial management) and the account regulation 1989, all published on this website.

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