Department of Labor and Investigation (DAO)

The vision, mission and strategy of the Department of Labor and Research (DAO) are the basis to achieve an organization focused on effective policy development and implementation.


The vision is as follows:

  • Promoting a balanced, qualitative and participatory labor market is necessary in order to view the future of Aruba with confidence.


  • The mission of DAO can be described as follows:

DAO is the leading and key organization to promote a balanced, qualitative and participatory Aruban labor market. Therefore its policy must be substantiated, coherent and effective.
The main actors on the Aruban labor market are involved in the coordination of policy making and implementation, where it strives for support and cooperation...
DAO is working to continuously improve the quality  of the organization and staff.


The Labor Market Research Office and the policy department work closely to develop effective policies.
The implementing organizations are responsible for the quality of policy implementation.
Relevant policy recommendations are discussed with the executives of DAO and implemented after adoption.
If necessary, policies of which DAO has a leading role are monitored at pre-agreed targets. In addition, regular policy evaluations take place.
The DAO reports to the Minister of Social Affairs, Youth and Labor. The DAO has the main objective to promote a balanced labor market in Aruba. In this context, the management advises on issues regarding the labor market. The management is responsible for policy development and implementation, including through research into the movements in the labor market, supervision and control of trends and developments, and fine-tuning them on the need for manpower. The management is thereby substantively responsible for developing and formulating strategy and vision for the policy area.

The DAO consists of the following divisions:

  • Management and Staff
  • Labor Market Research Office
  • Labor Inspection Office
  • Labor Disputes Office

The core tasks of the DAO are:

  • Promoting a balanced labor market for the Country of Aruba;
  • Advising the government on issues regarding the labor market;
  • Supervising compliance with the Aruban labor legislation

The DAO is committed to the following objectives:

  • Increasing employment rate and job placement;
  • Protect the legal status of workers and promote their working conditions;
  • Improving the quality of work and training.
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