Departmento di Progreso Laboral (DPL)

Below is an overview of the vision, mission, objectives and tasks of the Departamento di Progreso Laboral.


A professional partner in the promotion of a sustainable labor force participation in close cooperation with public and private parties throughout the entire employment chain to realize a future-proof Aruba.


To activate and guide job seekers on the Aruban labor market through job placement


Job center
The Job center department (JC) is responsible for the actual implementation of job placement. An employer can notify the JC of a vacancy within his company. JC will try to find suitable candidates to fill this vacancy. Job seekers can also request the JC to act as mediator for them in order to get thus a (different) job.
The mediation of JC consists of acting as mediator for employers, job seekers and difficult or unemployable "job seekers".

Manpower planning
Manpower Planning Department is responsible for maintaining and registering labor data from local businesses. Through their man power planning companies provides what their anticipated staffing needs will be for the coming year.

Under the Ordinance Admission and Expulsion is the Minister of Integration is in charge of the policy on the granting and denial of residence permit with or without permission to work.

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