Government Information Services (BUVO)

The vision, mission, objective and tasks of the Government Information Services are as follows:


The vision of the Government Information Services is as follows:

As part of the government information/communication policy, maintain the openness and transparency in the communication between Government and citizens.


The mission of the Government Information Services is expressed as follows:

Through a unified system of communication foster collaboration among all involved with government information/communication and so ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the information.


The Government Information Services main objective is:

Promote a transparent relationship between Government and public (citizens, special interest groups, industry) and among government departments themselves by collecting and sharing information and communicating about Government policy.

TASKS (core tasks)

The Government Information Services is committed to the achievement of its objective by means of performing at least the following main tasks:

  • Drafting/composing and delivering information material (such as advertisements, television spots and radio spots) for the benefit of the public or special target groups through the local media;
  • Coordinating information campaigns with other government departments;
  • Maintaining contact with the foreign press and when on the island accompany them jointly with other government authorities;
  • Conducting research for the purpose of publicity/communications policy for the Government;
  • Compiling a (digital) audio visual/photo archive for the benefit of the government departments, ministers and the Cabinet of the Governor;
  • Advising third parties on protocol matters;
  • Organizing press conferences;
  • Advising the public administrators and ministers as to the appropriate means of communication to utilize within the framework of financial efficiency and available resources;
  • Translating and correcting the language Papiamento when writing ads for communication purposes;
  • Jointly implementing/executing the National Ordinance Government Information (Public Access) act;
  • Managing the Government website in collaboration with the Department of Information and Automation (DIA), namely: preparing, developing and producing as well as managing material for the website and the publishing thereof.
We work together on an informative, accessible and user-friendly Government Portal for Aruba.
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