Monuments Office Aruba (MBA)

Logo Monumentenbureau ArubaIn 1994 the Minister of Culture established the Monuments Council.
Thereafter in January 1996, the Monuments Office Aruba and in June 1996 the Monuments Foundations (Stichting Monumenten Fonds Aruba) were set up.


To refurbish the monuments in Aruba and their surroundings in a cultural, historic and responsible way, in order to once again make the surrounding a place where one can live, shop and work and where the tourist can enjoy their stay.


To manage the conservation process of monuments in Aruba. The main focus is to protect, preserve and restore the monuments.


The objectives of the Monuments Foundation are as follows:

  • To actively stimulate, regulate and control the compliance of the monuments ordinances (AB1991 no. GT46);
  • To adapt the monuments ordinances to the current situation;
  • The initiation of the designation procedure after the completion of the value proposition;
  • To institute a licensing system.
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