National United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Commission Aruba (UNESCO)

Aruba has been an associated member of UNESCO since October 1988. This because Aruba is not an independent country but is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Associate membership status offers Aruba the same opportunities as any other Member State with the exception of voting rights at the General Conference held every year in Paris.

In order to better carry out its duties, UNESCO has National Commissions in its member states, which are composed of local experts in UNESCO competent areas and appointed by the government of the country.

The National UNESCO Commission receives support from a secretariat led by a secretary general. The latter is also a member of the Commission. However, he has the status of an associate member with an advisory vote. The National Commission Aruba consists of 7 members, each member representing a specific working area.

The duties of the National UNESCO Commission Aruba are laid down in the National Decree establishing a National UNESCO Commission.

The most important tasks of the National UNESCO Commission are:

  • To co-operate with other Member States, governmental and non-governmental organizations and eligible persons and institutions in accordance with the Charter for National UNESCO Commissions, approved in 1978 by the General Conference in Paris and;
  • providing information about the objectives, the program and the activities of UNESCO in order to increase public interest.

The slogan of UNESCO is "Since its beginning in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed".

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