Office of Internal Services (BID)

Bureau Internal Services (BID) is, as the name implies, a department that primarily offers services to other government departments. The primary task of the Bureau Internal Services is the mail registration and managing the archive for the government. The Bureau Internal Services is also the official body within the government where all correspondence addressed to the ministers must be submitted for registration. Outgoing letters, national decrees, Ministerial Decisions, contracts must also be sent by BID.

The Bureau has defined the following objectives for itself:

  • Professionalize the services focusing on customer and customer-friendliness;
  • Implement and manage the general operation of the central automated Mail Registration System Web Edition for government documents, DECOS;
  • Establishing a policy for archiving and care of all documented information for other departments;
  • Optimizing mail and services between departments and the Bureau Internal Services by using the central messenger service and the department for central purchasing.

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