Social and Economic Council (SER)

The Social and Economic Council (SER) is set up by National Ordinance Social Economic Council in 1987 (AB 1987 No. 103). It is composed of representatives from employers ' and workers ' organizations and independent experts.

The SER is responsible for advising the Government on all important issues of social and/or economic nature. The SER offers its opinions at the request of one or more ministers; it can also take the initiative to offer advice to the Government concerning topics of socio-economic nature.

The advice of the Council will be drawn up in accordance with the opinion of the majority in the meeting. The diverging views of the minority will also be mentioned.

The opinions of the Council are made public at least 30 days after and not more than 60 days after they are released by the Council. Unless, according to the Government’s point of view, the national interest shows a resistance to the disclosure of the opinion in which case the disclosure hereof will take place through the Minister of General Affairs.

The opinions of the Council are made public through the Minister of General Affairs within 90 days after they have been disclosed by the Council.

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