Union di Organisacionnan Cultural Arubano (UNOCA)

UNOCA's primary goal is to emphasize the Aruban collectivity and does this by working on cultural development as part of the general development of Aruba. The realization of the Status Aparte has increased the responsibility to form a people and a nation. Every citizen must be proud that he or she is part of our nation and can contribute to the common good.

Aware of its great responsibility, UNOCA's policy focuses on the needs arising from the Aruban community and gives priority to emphasizing Aruban identity, optimizing the cultural infrastructure and providing opportunities to more people in our community so that they can participate in cultural events.

The Aruban community has the right to participation and access to cultural life. The Aruban community also has a moral duty to influence decisions that may affect their ability and capacity to express themselves culturally. Cultural expression is of the people and for the people.

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