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The comparison of the 2013 election results is not accurate, but is only an indication.

Comparison with election 2013

Participating political parties
Four (4) new political parties, namely RAIZ, CURPA, POR and MAS will participate in the 2017 election. PDR will not participate this election year.

UPP and PPA participated in the 2013 election, but will participate this election year as one party,  as the combination UPP/PPA. For comparison purposes, the results of 2013 for UPP and PPA are summed up.

Polling stations
This election year there are four (4) new polling stations:
  3 - St. Anna School
14 - Centro di Bario Tanki Leendert
23 - Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
42 - Colegio San Antonio

One (1) polling station is eliminated: Scol Basico Reina Beatrix

The results of new polling stations are not compared with 2013, with the exception of a name change, eg Kukwisa school has been renamed as Colegio Santa Famia and the EPB SantaCroes is now SPO Santa Cruz.


Papiamento English
% votador % voters
Anochi di eleccion Election night
Asiento Seat
Comparacion cu eleccion 2013 Comparison with election 2013
Coreccion Correction
Diferencia Difference
Districto electoral Polling district
Eleccion Election
Kiesdeler Electoral quota
Participacion na eleccion (%) Election turnout (%)
Persona cu derecho di voto Eligible voter
Prognostico asiento Seat projection
Reparticion di asiento Distribution of seats
Restzetel Residual seat
Resultado provisional Preliminary election results
Resultado total Total results
Stipulacion resultado di eleccion Certification election results
Total restzetel Total residual seat
Total voto Total votes
Total voto emiti Total votes cast
Urna electoral Polling station
Voto invalido Invalid votes
Voto valido Valid votes
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