This website was created to provide information on the services provided by the Aruban government to the public.

General responsibility

  • Ordering party and policy responsible: Country Aruba, Government Information Agency (Bureau Voorlichting)
  • Daily responsibility for management and development:
    • Government Information Services (GIS) (Bureau Voorlichting)
    • Information Technology and Automation Department (Directie Informatievoorziening en Automatisering)
  • Editing & Management: Government Departments

Concept & design

  • Concept and basic design:
    • Government Information Services (GIS) Bureau Voorlichting
    • Information Technology and Automation Department(Directie Informatievoorziening en Automatisering)
  • Design: SIMgroep

Web Hosting & Content Management System (CMS

  • Webhosting: SIMgroep
  • CMS: SIMsite 3 SIMgroep

Citations images & photos

Logo: Joa Beke
Photos: Government Information Services (GIS) Bureau Voorlichting

We work together on an informative, accessible and user-friendly Government Portal for Aruba.
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