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Idea (Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano)

Idea stands for Iniciative for the Development of Aruba Enterprises. Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano (in papiamento).

The goal of Idea is to offer free help and extensive guidance, to the entrepreneur that wants to start a small business, who many times encounters different challenges such as basic business skills, access to credit, technology, marketing and the different existing regulations.

Idea wants to provide information and assistance to the new starting business man, as well as to existing business man and to offer them guidance in developing innovative ideas to continue enhancing their business activities.

Every business has its risks and obligations. Most businesses have people (employees) in service. These employees must be educated in their occupation, so they can provide an optimal service. The major expenses of a business are its working equipment, such as truck, machines, office equipment, etc. All these aspects must be considered when opening a business.

Idea will contribute to the formation of sustainable development in the business sector, to increase productivity and efficiency, and to have a strong and healthy labor market.

What is the advantage of having your own business?

Starting a business has many advantages. You as owner decide for yourself:

- Where the business will establish

- Size of the business

- Working hours

- You are your own boss

Idea provide small business training workshops covering topics such as:

  • Business Plan;
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation;
  • Social Media;
  • Small Business Tax;
  • Marketing;
  • Accounting & Financing;
  • Sales & Customer Service;
  • How to insure your company and your employees properly;
  • Money Management;
  • How to survive in a difficult economy;
  • etc..

Moreover entrepreneurs can follow various courses offered by the "Empresario Prepara". This course is held once a year by Idea & Institute EnseƱansa Pa Empleo (EPE).

For additional information, visit the Idea's website:

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