Collection policy

The Government of Aruba uses the following policy in the collection of receivables by the Department of Finance. For the record it is stated that this recovery policy does not apply to the claims of the Tax Office (Departamento di Impuesto):

  • Payment must be made in a timely manner, in one payment or by means of a payment arrangement;
  • Payment arrangements are only possible under strict conditions set by the Department of Finance;
  • If payment is not made in a timely manner then legal interest and costs of recovery will be calculated;
  • If  according the accounts payable administration the country appears to be indebted to you, then the outstanding debt will be offset/deducted against the outstanding balance as a creditor;
  • If the Department of Finance does not have your correct address or if you refuse to pay and live abroad, you will be placed on the passport alert system. As a result you will be held at the borders of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You can also encounter problems when renewing your passport. To avoid problems give your correct address to the Civil Registry Office (DBSB);
  • Should you even after notification of added interest and fees refuse to pay or agree to a payment arrangement, then a bailiff order will be issued and the costs hereof will be at your expense.

To avoid problems: give timely notification in the event of address changes, pay on time or make timely payment arrangements.

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