Payment policy

To provide goods and services to the government, the following conditions are applicable:

  1. The General Conditions regard actions of the Country of Aruba and suppliers concerning the delivery of goods and services after receiving an order hereto.
  2. Supply of goods and services takes place by means of an purchase order issued by the Department of Finance or by the Parliament of Aruba, the Advisory Council, General Audit Chamber or Department of Public Works;
  3. Upon receipt of a good or service, the department, bureau, the concerning office or the Parliament of Aruba, the Advisory Council, General Audit Chamber or department of Public Works by means of a stamp and signature on the bill will indicate that the delivered product or the service is acceptable in terms of quantity, price and quality;
  4. The Country of Aruba maintains in principle a period of 90 days for the payment of a received invoice, from the date of invoice;
  5. Conditions in contracts that include deposits are not accepted by the Country;
  6. The Country uses its authority to settle according the provisions as stipulated in the Civil Code of Aruba;
  7. After notice of default and notification of interest, the to be charged interest for late payment (90 days) to the retailer is equal to the legal interest ;
  8. The total duration of a contract shall not exceed 5 years (including renewal of the agreement);
  9. If subcontractors are employed, the head contractor (natural person / legal entity) as well as the subcontractor (natural person / legal entity) must pay income tax, general old age pension (AOV), general widow pension (AWW) sickness insurance, general health insurance premiums, turnover tax and health tax on time. In the case of a legal person, the directors/natural persons are jointly and severally liable with their entire private assets in case of default of payment and it is plausible that the non-payment is due to obvious improper management by the directors;
  10. The Aruban law is applicable to all transactions and agreements between the supplier and the Country Aruba. Disputes between the supplier and the Country Aruba will be tried by the competent court in Aruba.
  11. There is basically a limitation period of twenty months from the start of the fiscal year in which the money debt of the country to the supplier, based on the goods and services received, becomes due, according to the relevant provisions of the Government Accounts Ordinance 1989 (Comptabiliteitsverordening 1989);
  12. If according to the administration of the Departamento di Impuesto the supplier has outstanding and already expired tax to the Country of Aruba, the Finance Department at the request of the Departamento di Impuesto will pay the Departamento di Impuesto the amounts owed by the supplier to the amount of the claim as specified under Article 10 of the Recovery ordinance (invorderingsverordening). Based on that article, the Finance Department is authorized on its own initiative to transfer it to the Departamento di Impuesto.
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