Employee health insurance

Both employer and employee contribute to a social security plan, which provides amongst others an obligatory health insurance coverage.

General Health Insurance (AZV)

The AZV is an obligatory insurance. Everyone who is registered as a resident in the Civil Registry Office is insured with the AZV. A limited number of provisions are not covered by the AZV. For instances, the higher classes insurance in the hospital, glasses, dental care for adults, and care abroad during vacation. If you would like to be insured for these provisions, you should contact your insurance company for supplemental health insurances. The AZV premium is 11.5% of the annual income, of which the employer pays 8.9% and the employee contributes with 2.6% of his salary up to a maximum annual income of Awg. 85,000.
Each month, the premium must be withheld from the salary of those who are employed and transferred by the employer to the Tax Collector’s Office before the 15th of the following month.

For more information, visit the website of the National Health Insurance Aruba (AZV): www.azv.aw/

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