Transportation license

All public transportation businesses must have a transportation license. This includes taxis, buses, tour buses, and all rental motorized vehicles, for example cars, scooter, quad racers, motor cycles, etc. The petition for this license must be submitted at the Department of Public Transportation, (DOPV). This Department will give its advice on each petition to the Minister of Transportation, whom will decide whether or not to grant a business a license. Depending on the type of business or license needed, the department might ask for additional information.

Documents to be submitted for the application are:

  • Letter of application directed to the Minister of Transportation
  • Registration extract from the Aruba Chamber
  • Valid business license, if applicable
  • Copy of proof of the inspection service
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • In case application concerns a sole proprietorship, the applicant must have Dutch citizenship and present a declaration of good conduct.
  • In case application concerns a NV, at least one of the business partners must have the Dutch nationality.

Source: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba.

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