1410 companies received a salary subsidy in February

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ORANJESTAD - The Government has been providing financial support in the form of salary subsidy to help businesses and employees keep their heads above water during the economic crisis.

Ad Salary Subsidy February 2021Since May 2020, all companies eligible for the salary subsidy have been notified by the SVb giving these companies a certain timeframe in which they have to apply for the subsidy that covers 60% of the employees’ wages. The objective of this financial support during the ongoing economic crisis is to keep as many people employed which benefits the economy of Aruba. In February 2021, no less than 1410 companies received their salary subsidy which covers the wages of 18253 employees for a total of 25.6 million florins.

The total amount of financial support given in 2020 was 271 million florins and the total reserved for 2021 is 280 million florins. Business owners who have questions about the salary subsidy can contact the SvB on the MiSVB portal on www.svbaruba.org . Objections can be sent to  bezwaarloonsubsidie@svbaruba.org. In case an employee wants more information about this financial support, he/she can request the employee relevant information from their superiors. This is one of the conditions valid to obtain the salary subsidy as stated in article 6 paragraph h of the Ministerial Decree of the Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs, and Culture dated May 13 2020 with number 681/20, which contains the decision to grant financial support in the form of salary subsidy. To report malpractices with the salary subsidy please contact supervision@svbaruba.org.

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