1590 companies received a salary subsidy in October

ORANJESTAD - The Government of Aruba has been providing financial support for businesses that have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

This financial support helps commerce and employees overcome the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Since May, the SVB notified the qualifying companies and granted a timeframe to apply for the salary subsidy that covers a maximum of 60% of the employees’ wages. The objective of the salary subsidy is to help maintain most people employed during the Covid-19 crisis that benefits Aruba’s economy. In October 2020, a total of 1590 companies did receive the salary subsidy, which helped cover the wages of 20877 employees. This salary subsidy for this month’s entailed 30.9 million florins. So far, the Government provided financial support totaling 215.3 million florins.

Overview salary subsidy May – October 2020

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