21 new digital books in Papiamento

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ORANJESTAD - The Language Project of the Department of Education in Aruba (DEA) has published 21 new digital books for children in Papiamento on two websites: www.papiamento.aw and www.ea.aw.

Additionally, you can read these books on the digital platform called Storyweaver, where you can read stories online in over 100 different languages.

The translation of these digital books was part of the Language Project in Education, which published 60 digital translations. In total, the Language Project has published 81 Storyweaver digital books in Papiamento. These books are for children of preparatory and primary school age. Children can read books about various topics, such as a bear who loves to color, a little girl learning to dance ballet, a gorilla's birthday party, and much more!

Through these publications, the Language Project aims to promote reading and language development among children in Papiamento, the native language of the majority of children in Aruba. It is the second language of those who speak another language at home.

In addition to the new publications mentioned, the Language Project also digitized the larger part of the reading books previously published by the Department of Education. There are currently 220 digital books available on www.papiamento.aw. These books cater to different age groups, not just for children but also for teenagers. They include literary and informative books, translated works, and original pieces by various local authors.

On www.papiamento.aw, the books are categorized by age groups, for children and teenagers with different age categories within each. These categories serve as guides/suggestions, and children, parents, teachers, or teenagers themselves can decide which category is most suitable for the child or teenager in question.

To read the children's books, visit the following link:

To read books for teenagers:

The Language Project wishes everyone a lot of reading pleasure!

For more information, visit www.papiamento.aw or follow @PapiamentoAruba on Facebook.

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