Abattoir temporarily open

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 26-04-2020.

ORANJESTAD - The Veterinary Service will temporarily open the abattoir (slaughterhouse) to meet the urgent demand of farmers.

This will take place under strict rules to prevent large groups of people from entering the abattoir grounds. People who do not follow the rules will be refused entry or removed from the premises.

The slaughterhouse will be open by appointment the following days:

March 31, 1,2,6 and April 7, 2020

After this period, the slaughterhouse will be closed indefinitely.

The Veterinary Service will maintain the following procedure:

  1. Farmers must first make an appointment with the administration of the Veterinary Service (tel. 5224310) and indicate how many animals will be brought. People will not be helped without an appointment.
  2. The farmers must report to the gate on the designated day and time. If a farmer is late or does not show up, this request will no longer be honored and the farmer must make another appointment.
  3. At the gate, they are checked whether they have an appointment. If this is the case, they will receive instructions and the animals can be placed in the appropriate fences. After this, the owner must immediately leave the premises of the Veterinary Service.
  4. The animals are then inspected and slaughtered according to the applicable rules.
  5. After this, the administration calls the farmer so that he can pick up his slaughtered animals, after reporting to the gate, against payment with appropriate money in the appropriate envelopes or via ATM.

The Veterinary Service points out that these strict rules are necessary considering the exceptional situation with the COVID-19 and that it is not tolerated to deviate from them since the health of our staff and the visitor are central.

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