Acceptance of formation task and nomination of candidate ministers

ORANJESTAD - The formateur, Mrs. Evelyna Wever-Croes, presented her final report to the Governor of Aruba, His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt.

The formateur has concluded that the to be nominated candidates are suitable for the office of minister and minister plenipotentiary respectively, after assessment under the National Decree of September 9, 2013. The Governor already received the coalition agreement signed by MEP and RAIZ on August 27 and the formateur informed him about the portfolio distribution. The formateur has now formally accepted the formation order.

The following persons have been nominated by the formateur to be appointed as ministers:
Evelyna C. Wever-Croes Minister of General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organization, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, also Prime Minister
Geoffrey B. Wever Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications, Sustainable Development
Ursell M. Arends Minister for Integrity, Nature, Transport and Care for the Elderly
Xiomara J. Maduro Minister of Finance and Culture
Rocco G. Tjon Minister of Justice and Social Affairs
Glenbert F. Croes Minister for Labor, Integration and Energy
Danguillaume P. Oduber Minister for Health and Tourism
Endy J. H. Croes Minister of education and sports

The new Council of Ministers will, under the Rules of Procedure of the Council of Ministers, decide on the nomination to the Governor regarding the appointment of the Minister Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands.

After the draft national decrees dismissing the incumbent ministers and appointing the new ministers was presented to the Governor, the Governor will request the President of the States for the opinion of the States on the proposed dismissal and the proposed appointment of the ministers. If there are no objections on the part of the States to the Governor's intention, the incumbent ministers may be dismissed and the new ministers appointed and sworn in. The date of swearing-in is not yet known.

Photo: © Cabinet Governor Aruba

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