Account freeze in connection with possible abuses by political party

ORANJESTAD - Some time ago, the FIU-Aruba (Financial Intelligence Unit) made a so-called MOT report (reporting unusual transaction) to the Public Prosecutor's Office. 

Gavel of a judgeIt was alleged that irregularities were involved in the management of funds on a bank account of a foundation of the fraction of the POR in the Parliament of Aruba. On the instruction of the Procurator General, this was further investigated by the Landsrecherche Aruba (National detective agency) and this led to a suspicion of embezzlement.

Because the money on this account is public money and the Public Prosecutor wants to prevent this money from disappearing one way or another, this week some accounts were seized that have come to light during the investigation so far.

The National Criminal Investigation Department will continue to investigate and during the investigation, the Public Prosecution Service will not make any further announcements regarding the content of the investigation, the persons involved, or designated as suspects.

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