Active COVID-19 cases dropped from 1630 to 677 in September

ORANJESTAD - During the national speech held on Sunday, October 4 20220, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes addressed the development of the active COVID-19 cases in Aruba.

At the beginning of September, Aruba had 1237 active cases of COVID-19 and the number of active cases peaked on September 16, with 1630 cases. By September 31, the number of active cases dropped to 677 cases. Now the number of active cases dropped below 500 cases.

Be responsible!The Crisis team's strategy

The crisis team imposed more specific and stricter measures. The curfew hour was moved to an earlier time, the use of facemasks was made mandatory in public places and offices. Some of the measures were not well received, especially for certain businesses like restaurants who even protested these of these measures. The additional measures were highly needed for the common interest.   

Today the active cases dropped below 500 cases in just two to three weeks. This led the crisis team to reevaluate the measures on whether they should remain in place as is or whether they can become more flexible and eventually how to make them a bit more flexible.

Protect yourself and other against COVID-19The Crisis team also scaled up the quarantine and isolation checks. The Government's department directors were urged to help and to put some public workers and department's vehicle available to the quarantine and isolation taskforce, without the need to recruit personnel outside of the public sector and without having to lease additional vehicles. These requests were needed in order to keep costs low. Those in quarantine and isolation where frequently checked and received more personal attention which all helped reduce the active cases from 1600 to under 500 in the past weeks.

Considering the drop daily positive cases and active cases, the crisis team decided to set the curfew clock back from 12 am to 5 am starting Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Closing time for businesses has also been moved back to 11 pm.

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