All end of year parties were canceled and stricter travel protocols

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 24-01-2022.

ORANJESTAD - Due to the rapid increase in the number of new covid 19 cases over the past few days, the Crisis Team and Government of Aruba immediately stopped all the end of the year parties for the upcoming days.

It gives the organizers enough time to react as agreed with them previously.

Since the challenges this time are not only locally but also affects incoming travelers, they have announced the following:


  • Non-resident travelers and those coming from high-risk countries should test within two days of travel. Testing upon arrival is no longer an option. This policy is effective December 27, 2022.


  • Are urged not to travel to high-risk countries;
  • make sure they are fully vaccinated before traveling;
  • residents still have the option to test upon arrival in Aruba;
  • get an antigen test or self-test three days after arriving. 

The Crisis team will monitor the situation closely and will adjust the safety protocols if necessary. The authorities urge the community to be responsible and protect themselves and others. 

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