All establishments and businesses should have a Covid-19 supervisor

ORANJESTAD - Based on the way the COVID-19 is spreading in Aruba, with many infections happening at work, each establishment needs to have a COVID-19 supervisor.

This applies to Government departments, supermarkets, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, stores, churches, social organizations, sports organizations, care or education institutions. The supervisor is responsible for the enforcement of the protection protocols established for businesses and institutions. In the upcoming weeks, the Taskforce which has been expanded with more personnel will be going around to verify that these locations enforce the protocols. 

Supervisor COVID-19The established protocols valid for work and businesses are included in this article.

Enforcement of the set protocols is the responsibility of each employer and this will be checked by the taskforce.

Companies failing to enforce the protocols can be forced to close the establishment as stated in the law. 

What is the responsibility of the COVID-19 Supervisor:

  • Be aware of the protocols that are valid for businesses and institutions.
  • Meet with management to inform them about the enforcement of the protocols for both employees as clients.
  • In case some of the rules are not enforced, inform and discuss these with management to solve these.
  • More information and tips are available on
  • In the event of having employees in quarantine while having to work, please maintain extra social distance.
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