All participating carnival trailers/floats should pass technical inspection

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 06-02-2023.

ORANJESTAD – With the upcoming Carnival season, the Police Department is reminding carnival float owners who intend to use these during the next carnival parades to contact the "planning" department of the Police Department for inspection of the trailers and floats.

Not inspected trailers and floats are not allowed in the parades.

Tractor trailerIn addition, all participating vehicles should have the seal of the technical inspection by the DTI to be able to drive in the parades. It includes all  UTVs, ATVs, trucks, chassis, flatbeds, and container trucks. Contact the Department of Technical Inspection DTI for more information.

The Planning Department of the Police Department can be reached at 5852500 from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.

During weekends, float/trailer owners can contact the Police line 100, who will notify the corresponding officer to inspect the trailer/float.

The Police Department urges carnival participants/groups to ensure they comply with all the requirements in time to avoid unnecessary issues. The first carnival parade, the Torch Parade, is on January 7, 2023. Only inspected trailers and floats can participate in the parade.

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