Annual Report General Audit Chamber 2020

ORANJESTAD - The General Audit Chamber has published its 2020 Annual Report.

In this report, the General Audit Chamber accounts for its work and activities in the fiscal year 2020. We do this not only because it is a legal requirement but also because we want to comply with our core values: Integrity, Objectivity, Transparency, Openness, and Professionalism.

Secretary of General Audit Chamber Mrs. Mary Ann de Jong-Curet receives the Annual Report of the General Audit Chamber 2020.The year 2020 was also a special year for the General Audit Chamber. The corona pandemic brought drastic limitations. The pandemic forced the General Court to adjust its research program and working methods.

Annual Report General Audit Chamber 2020.The report focuses on key activities and developments during the past year. It describes the composition and set-up of the institute. It also provides information on the working methods and the research process. The various studies conducted during the year are explained and the actions of the strategic policy plan 2019-2022 are discussed. The recruitment and selection process to attract new (deputy) members for the College is explained in detail in the report. An important step during 2020 is the adoption of the Integrity Policy, the Code of Conduct, and the signing of the Integrity Statement.

In addition to organizational information, this annual report will also detail moments of contact with stakeholders of the General Audit Chamber. We also provide further insight into the General Court's budget expenditure in this Annual Report. Finally, an independent auditor's report is included.

By communicating openly and transparently, the General Audit Chamber wishes to create and maintain confidence in the research reports and products of the General Audit Chamber. It is open to feedback from others to continue to improve the institute and strengthen its level of performance.

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