Appointment of Mr. David G. Kock as Chairman of the Advisory Council

ORANJESAD - By national decree dated March 2, 2023, the appointment of Mr. David G. Kock as Chairman of the Advisory Council of Aruba, was formalized effective January 1, 2023. 

mr. David G. KockMr. David Kock is no stranger to Aruban society. He is a lawyer by profession, partner of the law firm DK Legal, lecturer in labor law at the University of Aruba, and since July 2012, a valued member of the Advisory Council with broad knowledge and experience in various areas of law.

Board members Advisory CouncilThe Council and the Scientific Bureau of the Council congratulate Mr. Kock on his appointment and look forward to continuing the pleasant cooperation.

The new National Ordinance Advisory Council 2022 also took effect On the same date. Herewith, the Council's independent and autonomous position as the highest independent advisor of the Government and States, is further strengthened. For more information about the Council's position and role in the Aruban state system, the composition and activities of the Council and the Scientific Bureau, and the guarantees for the independence of the Council, please refer to the website of the Council:

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